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Ownership of each FFS PRO University user account, including any current or historical certifications purchased and obtained under the account, belongs to the individual named under that account. Each account can only have one owner. Account ownership cannot be transferred, assigned, or licensed to other individuals without the prior written consent of Franklin Electric Fueling Systems. The individual’s employer or manager will not share in ownership of the account, nor will they become the account owner if the individual named under the account is no longer employed or affiliated with the organization currently listed in the Company Name field in the account profile.

Individual owners of an FFS PRO University account may continue using the same account regardless of their current employment organization or status. Individuals must ensure that their account profile information is updated with current employer and contact information. All account profile fields can be directly updated by the account owner, except the Email Address field. To request changes to email addresses, contact Franklin Electric Fueling Systems at or 1.800.984.6266.

Organizations may contact Franklin Electric Fueling Systems to request that accounts owned by individuals no longer employed by or affiliated with that organization be disassociated from the organization. Franklin Electric Fueling Systems will clear all account profile information (Company, Address, Phone, etc.) that references the individual’s former organization but will leave the required email address field intact unless the individual provides a new updated email address. This allows for the account and all current certifications to remain active, all historical certification records to be maintained, and the individual to access and update their account profile to continue using the account.

Franklin Electric Fueling Systems reserves the right to revise and update this FFS PRO University Account Ownership Statement from time to time in its sole discretion. All changes are effective immediately when Franklin Electric Fueling Systems posts them.