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Visit the Certified Installer Search page and find certified installers around the world by clicking the link below. Any public profile will be available via this page.


When an account is created, a user's Profile is private by default. However, in order for potential customer or inspectors to be able to search and view your profile, you need to ensure your profile is set for public viewing. Make sure you can be found by marking your profile as Public and getting seen.

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Click on User Settings.
  3. Make sure you accept the Terms of Use and Enable Public Profile by ticking the boxes.
  4. Click Save and your profile will become available at the Certified Installer Search page.

Simply copy the URL from your profile page and share it to promote your accreditation. Use your profile and custom URL to promote your accomplishments and certifications so you can demonstrate you know how to get the job done right.


Download the guide to creating your account and setting your personal profile by clicking the link below.